We are a small group of gamers who all live in or around the Bracknell area.


The club foundations can be traced back to the early 80's where the main games played were 15mm ancients.


Although we still have some of the veterans from way back then, we warmly welcome any new members, be they young or old.


These days we turn our hand to anything - from Ancients to WW2, from Fantasy Battles to Spacefleet Battles and pretty much anything in between!


Who Are We?.

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For any other details that you require, or if you want to arrange a game, please contact the Club Secretary.........


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How do you find us?..

Where Are We?..

We currently meet on a Sunday at the Crown Wood Community centre in Bracknell.

We generally meet twice a month with the gaming day commencing at 9:30am and continuing until  5:30pm - a massive 8 hours of uninterupted gaming!

For a full list of the dates, please see the Meetings page.

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