Club Meetings

We meet at the Crown Wood Youth & Community Centre, Crown Wood, Bracknell.

There is a large, free carpark. The hall is large and well lit, and there are local shops 2 minutes away.


The Club meets on Sundays, two or occaisionally  three times a month, starting at 9:30 am (we have no respect for early Sunday mornings!) and continuing until at least 5:30 pm.

This gives an uninterupted 8 hours of gaming - how big do you want your game??


(*** Please note that all of the below dates will be subject to Covid 19 ongoing restrictions.)


                     Club Dates for 2021


January          All January dates are now cancelled


February         14th  - The Feb 14th date is also cancelled

February         28th  - Currently not cancelled, but subject to              



March             14th & 28th


April               11th & 25th


May                9th & 23rd


June               6th & 20th


July                4th & 18th  


August            8th & 22nd


September       5th & 19th


October           3rd, 17th & 28th


November        14th & 28th


December        12th & 19th

The atmosphere of our club is very friendly and we welcome new members. We play a wide variety of games and rules including WRG 6th Edition, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine,  Distopian Wars, Black Seas, ACW, Napoleonics,  Flames of War, etc.. In fact we will try our hand at anything. The club has a large number of tables and a growing selection of terrain available fo rmembers to use.

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