2020-10 Covid update. The club remains open, but we are limited to only 6

            members for playing games. Please let me know if you wish to

            arrange a game, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

            Thanks you for your understanding.


2020-10 Round 3 photos of the 500 point challenge are now available for

            viewing. (Still waiting for Ian & Chris to submit their photos, but I am  

            reliably informed that they have completed this quarters task.

            Unfortunately, Steve had some major interuptions to his painting this

            quarter, so was only able to complete 25%. Still a very nasty 25%.


2020-06 Round 2 of the 500 point challenge has now hit the gallery. Only the  

            one photo of the Grot infantry I am afraid as the flock is still drying at  

            the time of loading these and that is all they deserved.


             Grot bases dried and photos of the two new units uploaded. Enjoy.


2020-06 On a separate Covid 19 related note. I have been in contact with the  

             Community Centre liason, and they are currently digesting the latest

             information from the Govt, before making a decision on whether

             they will be opening. They have said that they hope to re-open on

             6th July, but will confirm once they have made their decision.

             Fingers crossed.



2020-05  With lockdown still in place and meetings of no more than 1 from

             outside of your home all that is now allowed, the June meetings  

             have had to be cancelled.

             Hopefully by the end of June, things will have imprved such that we  

             can restart the club meetings.

             Until then, stay safe everyone.




2020-04   With the continuing shut down of the country due to Covid 19, we                  

              have decided to cancel the three meetings in May.

              Hopefully we will see and end to this soon, but in the meantime,  

              everybody stay well and safe.



2020-03   Please note that due to the Covid 19 contagion, the April meetings    

              have been cancelled with immediate effect.

              A decision on the May meetings will be announced towards the end  

              of April.

              Stay safe eveyone and we will hopefully see you all again soon.



2020-04  We have a new page. The 500 point Challenge has now hit the

              website. Have a look to see what new armies will be gracing the

              battlefields of the Badlands in the coming months.



              The Grots have arrived. Photos of 500 (and a little bit more for the  

              boss) points of the diminutive greenskins who give everyone  



              Also, Steve has sent in some photos of his NSL fleet for Full Thrust.

              These can be found at the bottom of the Gallery page.