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15mm World War 2 miniatures.

Excellent site with loads of reference material relating to the game

The source of many a poor person!

A directory of links to lots of other club websites not just in the UK but all over the world!

On-line trader of Games Workshop goodies all at @20% discount. Recommended.

Transport your armies without fear of damage. Definitely recommended.

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Cheap(ish) painted 10mm / 15mm and 20mm buildings cast from resin - mainly European, some Middle East

4535779537.gif Kallistra

Very nice hex terrain tiles, various scenery items & 10mm figures of various periods


Based north of Tewkesbury & established in 2008, to provide a proper 'business level' of support for the growing number of friends and family.


...a world steeped in history, where the once mighty have fallen and their slaves are victorious - at least for now.


Fantasy skirmish rules & models designed & sculpted by a B.A.D. occasional member.


MiniWarGaming is dedicated to creating a community of avid Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, and Lord of the Rings fans.


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The world’s largest retailer of dice with over 5000 different dice in stock. With worldwide shipping, wherever you live, whatever you play, we have what you need and you should expect nothing but the best service from our team.



Polish manufacturer of some superb conversion pieces, especially useful for Warhammer 40k.

Highly recommended.

Spartan Wargamers

Always glad to help promote the hobby

Link to some gamers up norff

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