2021-01 ***COVID 19 Update - The remaining Jan and first meeting of Feb

are now cancelled due to the Covid lockdown v3.

2021-01 Happy New Year everybody

The final 500 point challenge forces are now viewable in the gallery.

Erik & Chris have also provided photos of the full 2000 point armies.

Ian & myself are still working on finding enough space to get a

decent photo !

Unfortunately Steve has not been able to add any more to his force.

Enjoy !

2020-12 After the announcement this afternoon (17th Dec), bracknell will now

be a Tier 3 zone and as such I have had to cancel both the 20th

December and also the 3rd January 2021 meetings.

Have a great Christmas everyone and hopefully we can start

meeting very soon again in 2021, but who knows?

2020-12 So, Tier 2 for Bracknell means still no club meeting. The next

Government review takes place on the 16th December, so hopefully

better news then.

2020-11 Well, here we go again. Covid 19 shut down means that the 2

November meetings are now cancelled with immediate effect. I have

left the December meetings open in the vague hope that the Country

obeys the rules and this restriction is lifted. This may change.

2020-10 Club dates are now available for 2021, and are still subject to Covid

19 restrictions at this time.

2020-10 Covid update. The club remains open, but we are limited to only 6

members for playing games. Please let me know if you wish to

arrange a game, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Thanks you for your understanding.

2020-10 Round 3 photos of the 500 point challenge are now available for

viewing. (Still waiting for Ian & Chris to submit their photos, but I am

reliably informed that they have completed this quarters task.

Unfortunately, Steve had some major interuptions to his painting this

quarter, so was only able to complete 25%. Still a very nasty 25%.

2020-06 Round 2 of the 500 point challenge has now hit the gallery. Only the

one photo of the Grot infantry I am afraid as the flock is still drying at

the time of loading these and that is all they deserved.